About Us

Who are we?

WilloGame is one of the countries leading processors of high quality Wild Game.

We are based in the beautiful South Shropshire countryside and our premises nestle under the imposing Longmynd ridge, where one of the most southern populations of Red Grouse can still be found.

We have an enviable reputation for supplying high quality and innovative Wild Game, which is supplied throughout the country and found in many of the top Michelin starred restaurants. We also export abroad, where prime British Wild Game is seen as a valued product both on the Continent, the Middle East and indeed the Far East.

We were founded in by Will Oakley, a local Game keeper , who saw a market for well presented quality Wild Game in the area. We very much continue with this ethos today, though we have extended our distribution far more widely now. He sold the Company a few years later, but in 2017 it was mothballed and thus many estates, shoots and local people found that there was no longer anyone in the area who could process, market and sell Wild Game to the very high standards expected of Certified Accreditation.

An enterprising individual foresaw the implications of this and gathered together many of the top estates and shoots across North Wales, The Marches and The Midlands to invest, buy the company and set it up as a fully structured business. So in August 2017 WilloGame in effect became a unique business within the Wild Game processing business and is essentially a cooperative. The Company is now not only well financed but has the additional advantage of having a prime source of supply from its members across a wide area and for many species of Wild Game.

Will Oakley has returned to the Company not only as an investor but he now runs the premises as Operations Director. He brings with him considerable experience of processing to the very high standards required.

WilloGame therefore is fully compliant, has full accreditation and works to the most exacting high standards. All our produce is fully traceable and all our suppliers in turn have to work to our own exacting specification in order to become and indeed, remain as a supplier.


The Willo Team

During peak season we employ some 35 people who are involved both in the processing, collecting and delivering of our Wild Game. Our smart fleet of refrigerated vehicles are out in all weathers and we work closely with our suppliers in order to ensure that collections are executed with the utmost efficiency.
Our team in the Venison and Wild Boar preparation area are highly skilled in ensuring that the best cuts are produced for our customers, whilst the plucking and filleting of the the winged Game is carried out to a level of quality seldom seen out in the market place.

The premises are managed by Will Oakley himself, with the other directors backgrounds all bringing something to the Company in the form of their experience in the world of food, distribution, and sales and marketing.
Sharon Thomas, as office manager, is the link between both supplier and customers and her family also work in the business as well. It’s a happy hands on company!

In essence WilloGame is run by people who shoot for people who shoot and always have the quality conscious end consumer in mind.


What is Wild Game?

Wild Game comes in many forms – be it fur or feather. Essentially it has either flown or run and is “harvested” in the wild either from our supplying shoots or in the form of necessary culling for Deer and Wild Boar. There are no longer any natural prime predators here in the UK, since the extinction of both the European Lynx, Bear and Wolf.

We offer a very wide range of Wild Game, which come in many styles, cuts and sizes – perfect for
any occasion. These include: Pheasant, Red Leg Partridges, English Grey Partridges, Wild Duck, Red Grouse, Wood Pigeon, Venison, Wild Boar and Rabbit.
We can honestly say that all our Wild Game is truly wild – nothing is farmed!

Why Eat Wild Game?

The popularity of Wild Game has grown significantly over recent years. Game is widely available and actually represents very good value for money. These days consumers like to know where their food comes from and they also want to know what they are eating. WilloGame produce fulfils these two requirements admirably. Wild Game has a unique and distinct flavour. Recent research from the “Game to Eat” initiative has highlighted numerous health benefits. They are:
– Low in cholesterol
– Low in fat
– High in protein and iron

Venison is a healthier alternative to other red meats, with its deep flavour and leanness, and all Wild Game is easy to prepare, marries itself admirably to spices and makes both simple, complex and versatile dishes. It’s so good to experiment with and goes well with wine and “proper” British beers and ciders.