About Us

What we do

Willo Game are one of the countries leading processors of Wild Game and are committed to producing high quality cuts of ready to cook Wild Game. The vast majority of our products are produced from regional Venison, Wild Boar, Pheasant, Partridge, Mallard, Pigeon and Rabbit.  Our Wild Game is sourced from parks and estates throughout the region including the Forestry Commission, The National Trust and local licensed Stalkers. All our Game is fully traceable, provided by certified suppliers and processed in our EC Approved Game Handling Establishment.

Our extensive range of Wild Game cuts and sausages can be found in a wide range of outlets from supermarkets, wholesalers, butchers and farm shops to Michelin starred restaurants and local pubs. Our committed team and flexible approach allows us to offer large volumes of game at a consistently high standard.

During the Shooting season we provide shoots with a Gift Pack service of dressed Game for their guns. This is a popular service as the guns enjoy receiving finest quality dressed Game which is ready to cook. The packs include Oven Ready Pheasant, Oven Ready partridge and Stuffed Boned and Rolled Pheasant. These are all fantastic quick and easy meals just to pop straight into the oven as all the preparation has already been done.

We also provide a Cut and Pack service for Venison Estates. We collect, process and retail pack your Venison and return it ready to be sold on to your customers.


Willo Game has been processing Wild Game products for over 20 years and was originally started by Gamekeeper Will Oakley and his wife Debbie. They saw a great opportunity to process the Game from local shoots and sell it on to butchers and restaurants. Will and Debbie saw the company expand greatly over the years and eventually sold their business in 2008.

Will Oakley remained on board with the new owners for several years to over see the running of Willo and pass on his knowledge to the new team. Following a second change of ownership in 2010 Ben Bowyer joined Willo and worked closely with Will to maintain the quality of service and products that the company had become known for and went on to run the business for several years.

The summer of 2017 saw another new chapter in the Willo Game story as a group of suppliers formed a new company to take over operations at the site. Willo Game ltd. has many shareholders all with strong links to the company and countryside and are aiming to increase cooperation between the suppliers and Willo Game to ensure the best possible quality of dressed game is available to the market.

The Willo Team

Willo Game is a small, friendly and committed team with an expertise and wealth of food, countryside, Game and farming knowledge between them.

Operations at Willo Game continue to be managed by Ben who has developed strong links with customers and suppliers over the last seven years and whose hands on approach helps ensure standards are maintained at all times.

The office is managed by Sharon who has been involved with Willo for many years and has a wealth of experience and expertise in managing customer orders, suppliers and anything else that lands on her desk.

As a team we all like to get involved with the many different aspects of the business and will turn our hands to almost anything and like nothing more than getting out and about meeting our customers and suppliers. We can often be found fronting our stands at the country shows and food fairs. We are constantly looking for new product ideas and recipes, travelling around the shows and talking to people helps us to keep up to date with current tastes and new flavours, keeping up with customer demand.


What is Wild Game?

Wild Game is the term used to describe animals and birds that are shot in their natural environment. There are three categories of Wild Game:- Small Game in Feather, which consists of; Pheasant, Partridge, Mallard, Pigeon, Woodcock and Grouse. Small Game in Fur is made up of Rabbit, Hare and Squirrel. Finally, Large Game which consists of Venison and Wild Boar.

Why Eat Wild Game?

The popularity and the demand for Wild Game meat has grown significantly over recent years. The customer desire to know where their food has come from and to know what they are eating can be easily fulfilled with Wild Game meat. All Wild Game cuts from Willo are fully traceable and are completely natural with nothing added.  Wild Game has a unique and distinct flavour and recent research from the ‘Game to Eat’ campaign has shown numerous health benefits. Wild Game is low in cholesterol, low in fat, high in protein and iron. Venison is a healthier good alternative to other red meat, with its’ deep flavour and leanness. As Wild Game is shot in the natural environment and not farmed, it has a tendency to be leaner and has much more flavour than farmed Game.

Wild Game is  versatile, easy to cook and simply delicious. It blends well with many herbs and spices and tastes wonderful accompanied with rich fruit flavours. Whether it be for Lunch, Dinner, a light snack, BBQ or even canapes from children’s sausage and mash to fine dining Wild Game can offer something for everyone.