Frequently asked questions

What makes your product special?

Wild game is the ultimate free range product and is very low in fat but still has a fantastic flavour. Being high in protein and iron makes Venison an especially healthy meat

How do I cook Venison?

The prime cuts of venison; Loin, Haunch Steak and Haunch Joints, should be served medium rare for the best results. Being low in fat if it is over cooked it will dry out and become tough. Conversely for diced and minced venison the longer you cook them the better. Each product in the shop has some basic cooking instructions and more detailed recipes can be found in the recipe section

Can I freeze my order?

Yes. All our products are fresh unless otherwise stated.

Where does the venison come from?

All our venison is wild and mostly comes from within a 100 mile radius of our factory. We only buy game from certified hunters and all our product is traceable

How long is it hung for?

We typically hang our venison for 7 – 10 days. This is an important process which enhances the tenderness of the meat.

Are any of your sausages gluten free?

The Wild Boar Toulouse sausage is 98% meat and contains no gluten in the recipe but is made in the same environment as the other sausages so may contain traces of gluten.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes. You can buy vouchers in denominations of £5, £10 and £20

Can I send a delivery of game as a gift?

Yes. Just add an additional address when you are ordering. There is an optional message box to complete.

Will the product be fresh or frozen?

Fresh unless otherwise stated.

Can I buy any game in fur or feather?

No. This is because we are an EC registered plant and we are only allowed to sell in fur or feather to other EC plants.