Brace of Oven Ready Partridge with Bacon

Brace of Oven Ready Partridge with Bacon


Fresh Oven Ready Partridge has a  delicious subtle Game flavour, plump, tender, juicier and slightly sweeter than pheasant.  The brace of bacon dressed Partridge makes a perfect meal for two. The bacon enhances the delicious game flavour and stops the Partridge from drying out when cooking. The Red Legged Partridge brought over from Europe have now become more common than the English Grey Partridge. The Partridge has great health benefits being low in fat and high in iron.

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Red Legged Partridge

Streaky Bacon



Please note all our game is wild and shot and although every effort is made to remove any shot on rare occasions traces of shot may be found.

Preheat Oven 220°C (425°F, gas mark 7)

Rub your Partridge with butter and season as required. Place Partridge in roasting dish with some shallots and bacon lardons.

Cook for approximately 25 - 30 minutes until juices run clear. Partridge should be served slightly pink. It is important not to over cook as the meat will be tough.

The Partridge must be rested for at least 5 minutes once cooked. Make a light gravy made from the cooking juices and serve with Autumn vegetables and Game chips.