Minced Venison

Minced Venison Frozen



Minced Venison is a fantastic low fat, high in iron, healthier alternative for making your favourite everyday dishes even more delicious. Venison bolognese, Venison lasagne, Venison meatballs, Venison cottage pie, Venison chilli or even Venison stuffed peppers are all quick easy to make family suppers which are full of flavour and just a little bit different.

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Wild Venison (UK)(100%)



Please note all our game is wild and shot and although every effort is made to remove any shot on rare occasions traces of shot may be found.

Venison Mince is easy to use, it should be treated just like Beef mince. Whether cooking a Venison Bolognese, Venison Lasagne or Venison Chilli gently brown the mince with onions and garlic then add your other ingredients. The full flavour of Venison is complimented well by many herbs and Spices including Rosemary. Thyme, Bay Leaves or even Paprika and Chilli.

Minced Venison brings a whole new depth of flavour to  your chilli. Try this simple recipe Venison Chilli.