Wild Boar Haunch Steak

Wild Boar Haunch Steak Frozen

380g (Pack of 2)


Wild Boar is a deep flavoured meat. It is learner and richer in flavour than pork with an underlying nutty sweetness. Wild Boar Haunch steak is a larger sized steak from the leg, it is quick and easy to cook.  Treat yourself to something a little different and try a Wild Boar Steak served with creamy mash and an apple and cider sauce , delicious.





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Wild Boar(UK)(100%)

Wild Boar Steak is easy to cook  pan fry for 5 minutes either side at a medium / high heat. It is important to leave it to rest for 10 minutes. The steak can be served slightly pink. Wild Boar is able to stand up to strong flavours and goes fantastically well with the following herbs and spices :- cayenne pepper, coriander leaves, cloves, cinnamon , garlic, ginger, juniper berries, lemon, onion, red chillis, rosemary and tarragon.