Wild Boar Striploin

Wild Boar Striploin



Wild Boar Striploin is a fantastic cut of meat and simply delicious. The leaner meat and the deep, slightly sweet nutty flavour of the Wild Boar make it a real taste sensation.  This fabulously tender piece of meat makes the perfect dinner party or special occasion meal. The loin is fully trimmed and ready to cook.

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Wild Boar(UK)(100%)




Please note all our game is wild and shot and although every effort is made to remove any shot on rare occasions traces of shot may be found.

Wild Boar Striploin is a wonderful cut of meat and it is important not to over cook it and to allow it to rest. Wild Boar Strip loin can be pan fried, oven roasted or even cut into steaks.

To oven roast:

Preheat oven to 180c

Take a heavy ovenproof frying pan and heat some oil. Season the Wild Boar with salt and pepper ( you can rub the meat with fresh sage and garlic butter for a more intense flavour). Place the meat in the frying pan and seal all over until golden brown.  Place the Wild Boar Striploin in the preheated oven and roast at 180C for 10 to 30 minutes depending on size. Leave to rest for 10 minutes before serving. Best served Rare.